World’s most complicated Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches

— Thanks to a personal briefing from Vacheron Constantin’s artistic director Christian Selmoni, we can bring you some interesting figures on the world’s most complicated Swiss replica watches UK, from the miniscule to the astronomical.


Christian Selmoni presented the reference 57260 in great detail at the SIAR in Mexico this year. Unfortunately, the brand does not (yet) wish to publish the highly informative 10-minute video that helps to explain this ultra-complicated piece. But even though a thin veil of mystery still hangs over the world’s most complicated cheap fake watches, we can bring you some very interesting numbers that help to put the accomplishment into perspective. Starting from the tiniest and increasing towards the unimaginable, here they are:


The thickness of the thinnest disc on the dial is the equivalent of just two sheets of paper.

< 1mm

The thickness of the walls of the 18-carat white-gold case. This is to ensure optimum resonance for the striking functions.


The number of master watchmakers who worked on this project in unison from start to finish. Also the number of axes around which the tourbillon cages rotates.


The number of world première complications.


The number of patents pending on the piece.


The number of individual discs on the dial.


The number of hands on the Swiss Rolex replica watch.


The number of paint transfer operations to print the two complete dials. Most watches require 2-4. This is the most complex dial that Vacheron Constantin has ever made.

15,500 grammes

The weight of the block of gold from which the case (final weight 900 grammes) is machined.

570,000 Swiss francs

The cost price just for that amount of gold at today’s market prices per kilo.

Add this to the eight years of research, development and assembly invested in this price and you can begin to imagine the cost of the finished watch, which Vacheron Constantin will never reveal.


Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260.
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