Domingo UK World Opera Vocal Competition Completely Supported By Rolex Replica Watches

In order to commemorate the Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition was founded for 20th anniversary, it came to Chinese for young opera star. And the competition was held in Beijing National Grand Theater. Also the activities have got the complete support of Rolex. That may be due to that Domingo is a senior fan of copy watches with self-winding movements. Of course, the activity was quite successful under the help of brand.

Rose Golden Dials Copy Rolex Day-Date II

What Kind Of People Is Placido Domingo,  World-renowned Tenor?

Personally, he likes wearing Rolex Day-Date II replica watches for sale in his music party. And even in his daily life, he also thinks it is his best partner as decorations. Since its inception in 1993, Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition has experienced ten years of sincere cooperation, and every year the contest has found and cultivated a group of promising opera singers. Thanks to his efforts.

Why Would Rolex Support This Kind Of Activity?

Domingo’s goal is to hope that this competition can attract from all over the world to compete for the singer, to show their style in front of world famous opera and managers of the jury. Just like Rolex, it is committed to support this kind of activity to make these artists show their talents. It is a kind of charity for it. For these people, To be able to participate in the omingo World Opera Vocal Competition is not only a challenge and honor, but also a way to the bright future. Rolex fake watches with rose golden cases provide them a chance. The next is lying on themselves.

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